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Our Chad travel guide gives you all the information you need for traveling to Chad. Learn how to get a Chadian visa, brief yourself on travel health in Chad, or find accommodation with our Chad hotel guide. Pick from our Chad travel sections below.

Chadian Visas and Documentation Help Apply for your Chadian visa using our documentation tips

With no English travel guides for Chad on the market, topics like documentation requirements for travel to Chad can appear murky. Nevertheless, four things seem clear:

1. All non-Africans who wish to travel to Chad must have a passport and a Chadian Visa (citizens of some African nations need not obtain a visa) 2. To travel outside of the capital (NDjamena), travelers will need to obtain a special permit called "Autorisation de Circuler" (more)

Chadian visa and Chad documentation

3. Those who wish to take pictures while in Chad should first obtain a camera permit (more) 4. First time visitors should register their passport at the police station in N'Djamena upon arrival (more)

These foundational requirements are widely accepted, although the details surrounding their fulfillment vary by source. These processes are disambiguated as much as is possible in the...(read more)

Chad Hotels N'Djamena hotels and accommodation choices

Chad hotels and N'Djamena hotel guide

Find the right hotel for your stay in N'Djamena, Chad.

Check our ever-growing list of Chad hotels before arranging accommodation for your travel to Chad. Get contact and location information for the Hotel Shanghai, Le Central, Le Sahel, The Libya Hotel, or the Aurora Hotel in N'Djamena.

Once you're in N'Djamena, check our N'Djamena Places Guide to find the N'Djamena market, register your passport at the police station, or visit the American Embassy in N'Djamena.

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