The Chad News Archive

Boko Haram Attacks Chad Village

Reuters (2/13/15)
Boko Haram Attacks Village in Chad as Revolt Spreads...more

Aboubaker Ousman of N'Djamena, Chad, Graduates from Wake Forest Law

Wake Forest News (7/15/14)
Aboubaker Ousman of N'Djamena, Chad, has earned a Master of Laws in American Law (LL.M.) ...more

Chad Lifts CNPC Suspension

Reuters (10/22/2013)
Chad has allowed China National Petroleum Corporation to resume operations suspended in August for violations of environmental standards...more

Chad Signs Water Deal With France

Bloomberg (6/24/2013)
Chad's government signed a 12 million-euro ($16 million) agreement with France for a water project in the capital, Ndjamena,...more

Chad Arrests Suspected Member of Elephant Slaughter Gang

Reuters (6/18/2013)
Authorities in Chad have arrested a suspected member of a poaching gang accused of slaughtering nearly 200 elephants...more

The Charcoal Challenge in Chad

The Guardian (5/30/12)
Nelly Benoudjita's eyes sparkle behind her horn-rimmed glasses as she stirs a huge vat of boiling oil,...more

Chadian Shoots at French Soldiers

AFP (5/9/12)
A man thought to be a Chadian soldier shot at two French soldiers as they left a military base near the capital N'Djamena...more

Malnutrition in Chad Escalates

All Africa (4/4/12)
As malnutrition reaches emergency levels across the Sahel with at least one million children at risk...more

Chadian Rebels Set Eyes on N'Djamena

AFP (2/15/12)
A Chadian rebel group based in the Central African Republic claimed Tuesday its forces were preparing an offensive...more

African Highway Crosses Chad

Afrique En Ligne (1/26/12)
The 8,715 km trans-African highway linking Dakar (Senegal) to Djibouti (Djibouti) will traverse 10 West...more

Chad, China, and the Oil Refinery

Reuters (1/24/12)
Chad has suspended an oil refinery agreement with partner China National Petroleum Corp....more

Chad's First Local Elections

AFP (1/22/12)
Voters in Chad went to the polls on Sunday for the first local elections in the central African country's history...more

Libyan Investment in Chad Dries Up

France24 (11/22/11)
The revolution in Libya has had one little-mentioned side effect: the end of economic co-operation between the wealthy oil state and its neighbour, Chad...more

Chad Public Service Workers Strike

Reuters (11/15/11)
Chad's government has agreed to raise public sector wages sharply over the next three years...more

N'Djamena Students Protest

News24 (11/10/11)
Students protesting failed payment of their grants in Chad's capital Thursday clashed with police...more

Fuel Prices Soar in Chad

Reuters (10/19/11)
Chad has raised the price of locally produced and refined fuel products...more

Chad Refinery Suspends Output

Reuters (9/30/11)
Chad's first oil refinery, a joint venture with China National Petroleum Company, has suspended production...more

Chad Plans for Natural Disasters

Coastweek Kenya (8/11/11)
A committee led by Chad's Prime Minister Emmanuel Nadjigar on Friday came up with a new action plan to fight natural disasters...more

Chad's Deby Vows War on Corruption

AFP (8/8/11)
Idriss Deby Itno vowed to battle corruption as he was sworn in as president of Chad for a new five-year term on Monday...more

Sudan's Bashir in Chad for Inauguration

AFP (8/7/11)
Sudan president Omar al Bashir, wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes, arrived in Chad...more

Chad Issues $232 million Bond

Reuters (7/21/11)
Chad's first local-currency bond was over-subscribed and the Central African nation raised 107.6 billion CFA francs...more

Chad Starts First Refinery

Reuters (6/29/11)
Chad has become energy independent with the startup of its first refinery, oil minister...more

Chad Ends Use of Child Soldiers

UN News Centre (6/14/11)
A senior United Nations official today hailed the action plan signed by the Government of Chad to end the use of children by the country's security forces...more

Rebel Leader Arrested in Chad

AFP (6/8/11)
A former rebel leader was arrested a day after returning to Chad despite his promise...more

New Cinemas Open in Chad

Variety (6/4/11)
Nearly two decades after its screen went dark, the last of African nation Chad's movie theaters...more

Cholera Outbreak Hits Chad

Reuters (6/2/11)
The death toll from an outbreak of cholera in Chad has risen above 100...more

Kenya Airways to Provide Chad Flights

Business Daily (5/25/11)
Kenya Airways (KQ) will start flying to Chad's capital N'djamena from the 19th of next month,...more

Chad President Deby Wins Poll

VOA (5/10/11)
Provisional results from voting in Chad show the president winning re-election in a poll...more

Chad Elections Boycotted

Reuters (4/28/11)
Turnout for Chad's presidential poll was less than 51 percent, international election observers said...more

Libya War Affects Chadians, Says Chad Government

Reuters (4/4/11)
Chad on Sunday called on coalition forces to protect its citizens in rebel-held areas in Libya...more

Ruling Party Wins Chad Elections

AFP (3/1/11)
The party of Chad's President Idriss Deby Itno and its allies won an absolute majority of national assembly...more

Chad Elections Run Smoothly

Reuters (2/14/11)
Chad's first parliamentary election in eight years went ahead smoothly on Sunday despite...more

Chadian Army Fights along Border

Reuters (12/1/10)
Chad's military repelled rebels from a key border town in northern Central African Republic this week...more

Chadian Youth Become Photographers

TTKN News (10/13/10)
A group of Chadian youth will have a unique opportunity to document their experiences...more

Cholera Outbreak in Chad Kills 41

AFP (9/4/10)
Health officials in Chad say an outbreak of cholera in the Central African nation has...more

Torrential Flooding in Chad

Peace FM Online (8/3/10)
At least three people have died in floods throughout Chad. President Idriss Deby in late July visited Faya-Largeau,...more

Wanted Sudanese Leader Arrives in Chad

CNN (7/22/10)
The International Criminal Court issued its second arrest warrant al-Bashir just last week....more

Chad Oxfam Worker Released

AFP (6/15/10)
A dual-national Swiss and British Oxfam aid worker arrived in the Chad capital Wednesday...more

Chadian Army Clashes with Rebels

Washington Post (4/29/10)
Chad's government says its army killed more than 100 rebels and lost nine soldiers...more

Talks to Open on UN Peacekeeping Mission to Chad

AFP (3/22/10)
Talks were due to start on Wednesday between a UN delegation and the Chadian authorities on...more

Sudan Starts Freeing 57 Rebels After Peace Pact

Reuters (2/24/10)
The move is the first concrete step in a rapprochement between the government and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)...more

Sudan and Chad to End Hostilities

BBC (2/10/10)
Sudan says it is ready for a full normalisation of relations with neighbouring Chad...more

Chad Requests MINURCAT Non-Renewal

Reuters (1/18/10)
Chad has asked the United Nations not to renew the mandate of the world body's mission...more

Cambodian Troops Deploy to Chad

UPI (11/19/09)
The United Nations said Thursday 42 Cambodian troops have arrived in Chad to provide...more

Chad Expels Cameroon Editor

Afrol News (10/17/09)
Chadian authorities have expelled the editor of the privately-owned weekly La Voix published...more

Chad Deplores Slow Deployment of UN Peacekeeping Mission

UN (9/28/09)
Chad today deplored the delay in deploying the full United Nations peacekeeping mission to its...more

Tens of Thousands Left Homeless

Amnesty International (9/8/09)
Government security forces in Chad have demolished 3,700 homes and businesses in the capital city of N'Djamena...more

CNPC, Chad Sign Deal for N'Djamena Refinery

Oil & Gas Journal (8/31/09)
China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) plans to start the first refinery in Chad...more

Native of Chad Spreads Music, Gospel

The Charleston Gazette (8/29/09)
Playing the song "Solal," Prince Luc begins to strum his acoustic guitar at a slow...more

Chad Aid Workers Missing After Robbery

Reuters (8/6/09)
N'DJAMENA (Reuters) - Aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said two of its workers in Chad were missing...more

Chad's Domestic Crisis in Relation to Darfur

All Africa (7/27/09)
Less than a week after Chad and Sudan inked a formal agreement to set aside their differences...more

Chad Air Raid Did Not Affect Sudanese

Reuters (7/21/09)
N'DJAMENA, July 21 (Reuters) - Chad's armed forces did not attack Sudan's army...more

EU, AU urged to mediate in Chad-Sudan crisis

Afrique en ligne (7/18/09)
Chad - The Monitoring Committee for Peace and Reconciliation in Chad has recommended...more

UBA to Open Office in Chad

Afrique en ligne (7/15/09)
The United Bank for Africa (UBA) will open its head office in Ndjamena, Chad...more

Chadian President Supports Refilling of Lake Chad

Afrique en ligne (7/7/09)
Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno has urged countries of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LTBC)...more

Sudan Rebels Use Chad Camps

BBC News (7/7/09)
A BBC reporter in Chad has seen armed Sudanese rebels openly driving through Oure Cassoni...more

China Begins Chad Oil Pipeline

The Straits Times (7/4/09)
N'DJAMENA (Africa) - CHINA'S largest energy producer, China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), on Wednesday began work on a major oil...more

US Envoy to Meet Darfur's Rebels

BBC (6/29/09)
The US envoy for Sudan, Scott Gration, is due to meet Darfur rebel leaders...more

Chad to Institute

Afrique en ligne (6/24/09)
Chadian President Idriss Deby is to institute a prize for the protection of the nature in Chad, according...more

Refugees to U.S. for Resettlement

VOA (6/23/09)
A group of 11 refugees left the Chadian capital N'Djamena by air on Sunday to be resettled...more

Chad's former president Felix Maloum Ngakoutou die

Afrique en ligne (6/13/09)
Chad's former president, General Felix Maloum Ngakoutou, died on Friday of heart attack in...more

Germany Gives Chad 4.8 Mission FCFA

Afrique en ligne (6/8/09)
Chadian Minister of Economic Planning and Cooperation, Moussa Mactar, and the Ambassador of Germany...more

N'Djamena Cinema Festival Ends

Afrique en ligne (6/7/09)
Chad - The third edition of the Euro-African festival cinema ended here on Saturday...more

Chadians Adapt to Food Crisis

BBC News (6/1/09)
Hungry people in the central African nation of Chad have raised an old culinary fad...more

Sudan Army Activity along Chadian Border

BBC News (5/29/09)
Sudan says more than 60 people were killed during the fighting with the rebel...more

Belgium Attempts to Acquire Habre from Senegal (5/28/09)
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has turned down a request that it order...more

Child Soldiers from Sudan Held in Chad

IRIN (5/27/09)

Sudan accuses Chad of air attacks

China View (5/22/09)

Sudan accuses Chad of sending troops to aid rebels

Reuters (5/18/09)

Chad president vows to wipe out rebels 'in pay of

AFP (5/16/09)

Chadian troops 'have defeated rebel forces'

AFP (5/10/09)

Chad declares victory over rebels

AFP (5/9/09)

Chad: 125 rebels killed in eastern battle

AP (5/8/09)

Fighting Erupts in Eastern Chad

BBC News (5/7/09)

Chad says rebel attack defeated

BBC News (5/7/09)

AU voices concern over Chad rebel foray

AFP (05/06/09)

Chad Foreign Min Says No Need For French Military

Dow Jones Newswires (05/06/09)

Rebels, military 'clash in Chad'

AFP (05/06/09)

Kidnapping Along the Chad/Sudan Border

Reuters Canada

Chad Rebels Forecast Offensive

Independent Online

Chadian Government to Build Museum

Afrique en ligne

Chad Government Makes Deal with Exxon

Africa Intelligence

Security Council Weighs in on Chad Force

Relief Web

UN in - EURFOR out

Reuters UK

Lawlessness and Banditry in Eastern Chad

The Guardian

Austrian defense minister hails success of EU miss

Aid Agencies in Chad on High Alert


Drunk Shoots Chad Minister

Reuters UK

Neighboring Sudan riveted by indictment of Beshir